Meeting Minutes from March 17, 2019


Here are the minutes from the group meeting in March (theme: Desire & Aversion).

Redwood Stoa Minutes 20190317final



Fifth Anniversary – Not a Big Deal, but ’tis Satisfying that We’ve Held Together This Long

Five years of the Redwood Stoa! Over five years, some members came, and some went (hopefully retaining a commitment to Reason and the virtues), but our core group continues to meet.

Five of us gathered together on Sunday the 16th at the Helen Crocker Russell Horticultural Library, a friendly, serene, distinguished place by the entrance to Golden Gate Park’s botanical garden. The theme for September was Reflection, in its various ubiquity and utility, and in its various forms, not least that it is essential to Reason. We even had a newcomer, Alex B., who stands leftmost in the photo I’m going to post.

Afterward, we crossed to Ninth Street.  In contrast to the sedate interior of the Library, Ninth Street was thick with tourists and strollers bathed in Summer sun.  Tasted pizza and hummus and had more conversation.  (Pleasure may not mean anything ultimately, but we all know it and enjoy it – better than we do pain, privation, and misery! It’s all of piece, however – the pain and pleasure and anxiety and boredom and stress and so on; one cannot avoid the rest, nor should one.)

In the photo:  Alex, John, Simon, Darren, and James.

One Guy’s Notion of Stoicism



A brief bit – a propos of nothing – from our friend, J Kn:

“Salvete eis qui legant –

“Stoicism is coherent, I would say. It accords with how life is. It is a project, not a belief system. Its doctrines have survived in a paucity of reporting and original texts, and stand or fail in our application of them in the world and in our consciences. To live according to Nature is a project, a quest, a continuous goal. In that regard, it parallels religious orientations, but it is not a religion; rather, an attitude, and an empiricism.