The theme for July is Justice, a word sometimes associated with punishment.  However, there is another dimension to this virtue and that is the performance of merited action.  It is an act of justice to reward good deeds and punish bad.  It is also an act of justice to perform one’s duties to family, community and country.

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July, let us pause to consider our country, the aspirations of its founders and the labors and sacrifices of each successive generation on our common road to a More Perfect Union.  There is still work to do. What can we do today to do Justice to the ideals of our nation?

Panaetius: Justice prescribes two basic principles.  First, do no injury to another man.  Second, see that the public interest is maintained.  – “Hellenistic Philosophy” 2nd ed.  A.A. Long 1986.