We offer the gods sacrifice because they gave us wheat and wine. But they have produced such wonderful fruit in the human mind, as part of their plan to bestow on humanity the true secret of happiness. Are we going to forget to express our gratitude to them on that account. -Epictetus

In truth, O judges, while I wish to be adorned with every virtue, yet there is nothing which I can esteem more highly than the being and appearing grateful. For this one virtue is not only the greatest, but is also the parent of all the other virtues. What is filial affection , but a grateful inclination towards one’s parents? – who are good citizens, who are they who deserve well of their country both in war and at home but they who recollect the kindness which they have received from their country? -who are pious men who are men attentive to religious obligations, but they who with proper honours and with a grateful memory acquit themselves to the immortal gods of the gratitude which they owe to them?-what pleasure can there be in life, if friendships be taken away? -and, moreover, what friendship can exist between ungrateful people?