Followers of the Redwood Stoa WordPress page!  The Redwood Stoa is launching a new project intended to provide some “outreach” for people interested in Stoicism.  It is primarily aimed at those of our Meetup group membership who have not been able to attend face-to-face meetings for whatever reasons – time, distance, convenience, work, etc.  The idea is to provide a way for them also to explore something of what we discuss at the Meetup meetings.  And we did not want to forget to invite our followers on WordPress also to participate in this.  

The project is this: Certain core Redwood Stoa members will act as correspondents with distant or outlying followers; this will be a mentor-students relationship governed by simple assignments. (We are not talking about big reads or long papers; for more focused schooling, see the College of Stoic Philosophers.) The assignments will designate topics and be both nudges and reminders to the student to read, think, and chances for the individuals to respond and express themselves.  Each of our mentors would work with a small group of students (a “schola”). Responses and interaction, though minimal, would ideally be shared with those in the mentor’s group, as a sort of cyber-discussion. 

Generally, the topics will be the Redwood Stoa’s established monthly themes: 

That men and women are by nature rational.
The Faculty of Judgment and Assent.
The Faculty of Desire and Aversion.
What is within our Power.
The Faculty of Reflection.
One’s Attitude.

If any of you are interested, please send a reply to, or to me personally (iohannkn -at- hotmail -dot- com). We hope to hear from some of you!

                                                                             –the Redwood Stoa